Dec 29

Medical card is one of the most basic and necessary insurance everyone should have, so your hospitalisation bills can be taken care of in the event of emergencies. To know more about why you should get a medical card, read more here.


Dec 29


What is a Medical Card?

A medical card is a type of insurance to cover the cost of your medical treatments or surgery, when you are hospitalised. With a medical card, you will be reimbursed for your medical treatment and hospitalisation costs. 


Hospitalisation costs and medical fees can be costly. With healthcare costs increasing every year, it would be wise to make sure that you and your family are insured and protected to get comprehensive medical care when needed, instead of having to worry about money when the time comes.


With so many medical cards in the market, which one should you get? Read on to learn some of the things you should know before getting a medical card:

Apr 05

One of the most famous attractions in Japan is perhaps its sakura cherry blossom trees. As part of an important cultural purpose in Japan, the cherry blossom is quite symbolic and iconic. Every year, tourists flock to Japan during the Sakura season to get a close feel of these cherry blossoms.

As cherry blossoms only bloom in Spring, if you are planning to visit Japan and see the cherry blossoms up close, you have to do so when it is cherry blossom season. Here’s how you can kill two birds with one stone on your trip to Japan.



Apr 05
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Public holidays during weekdays or working days are fun. You get the day off to rest at home. Long weekends are even better, you get to plan your weekends away from home. In Malaysia for 2019, there are around 14 official national public holidays. Here is how you can take advantage of these extra holidays in Selangor to enjoy long weekends in 2019.



Feb 21
travel insurance blog hongkong market  

You can’t visit Hong Kong and not spend some time at the many markets there. Markets are great spots for shopping and tasting local food. You can find a variety of products at these markets-things you need and things that you never knew existed.


If you are planning a visit soon to Hong Kong, be sure to equip yourself with the right travel insurance policy before you set out on your travels. InsureDIY has made it easy for anyone to purchase a travel policy before their travels. Get a free quote now and get the right travel policy in 3 minutes. Here are the 10 best markets to visit in Hong Kong.



Feb 21
travel insurance blog hanoi  

Vietnam, as a country, is a beautiful and serene place to visit. Hanoi, one of its most popular cities, is a gem on its own. With its authenticity still intact, any person can draw so much inspiration from Hanoi. The area, the food, the people, the sky and the life are all Hanoi’s most attractive features.



Feb 21
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As much as Kuala Lumpur is a great city to live in, it can get sometimes too overwhelming to be surrounding by a fast-paced life on a daily basis. The best part of living in the capital of Malaysia is that you have the chance of going on a small getaway every weekend. This way, you get a change of scenery and you also get the time rejuvenate to come back in time for work.



Jan 15
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Travelling abroad is quite exciting and can become an eye-opening journey in many ways. What can also happen is going through situations you’ve never thought of, such as having your belongings stolen or lost. When this type of situation happens unexpectedly to you abroad, you might find yourself confused on what to do next. Wherever you go, it is important to remain vigilant and remember that nowhere on earth is safe.




Jan 15
my travel insurance blog flight  

Everyone loves a good deal! If you are an avid traveller or a new traveller, getting a good deal on your flight tickets will save you money. It’s money that you get to spend on other things later on while you are on holiday.


The best way to get good deals is to search everywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s offline or online, there are some really good deals out there that you can take advantage of. Before you set out on your trip, remember to sign up for a travel policy as soon as you have booked your flight. If you are trying to look for the best flight deal in town, here are the ways you can do it.



Jan 15
my travel insurance blog skiing  

When we think of snow and skiing, we think of European countries in the winter. These days, you don’t have to go this far to enjoy snow and skiing. You can just go to other places in Asia where it is cold enough in the winter that it snows. After all, not everyone can afford to go to Europe for their winter holidays. Japan and Korea are quite popular places for those  want to go for a budget winter vacation. Ski resorts are available with lessons on how to ski and many other activities. Here are the ways to plan a great ski vacation.



Jan 02
travel blog jetlag  

While travelling can seem fun at times, it can also become extremely tiring, especially if you are going on a long-haul flight. After sitting in an airplane for a really long time, which might seem like eternity at that moment, you are bound to suffer from jet lag. Along with jet lag, comes fatigue and extreme exhaustion. If you are travelling for business, there is not really the time you can afford to rest so that you can recover. You will need to find a way to get rid of the jet lag so that you can go about your busy schedule. Before you planned your long flight, make sure to sign up for a proper travel insurance. InsureDIY features some of the best travel insurance deals you will find online. If you are looking for ways to beat jet lag after a long-haul flight, here’s how you can do it.



Dec 14
Bail, Indonesia (Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash)  

Indonesia is a big country with many interesting places to see. What makes visiting this country even more adventurous is through island hopping. Island hopping is a fun way of experimenting many islands and discovering the most interesting things about them. Since there are more than 18,000 islands in Indonesia, it is not possible to visit all islands at once.  Your itinerary depends on how many people will be going on this trip with you and the budget set aside for island hopping.



Nov 30

It is exciting to plan family holidays, and there are many family-friendly places around the world that you can choose from. Taichung is one of the most family-friendly destinations that have a variety of touristic activities for both adults and children. Located two hours from Taipei, Taichung has a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. Here are the 10 best places to travel with young children in Taichung.



Sep 20
How To Best Compare Travel Insurance?  Make sure you know the shortcuts.  

With the range of travel insurance plans available online, it might be hard for you to choose the right one. The best way for a person, who is not familiar with travel insurance, to choose the best insurance deal when it comes to travelling in Malaysia is to compare the different travel insurance plans available.


There are different types of insurance plans available for all kinds of travelling plans. There are travel insurance plans for family trips, single trips or even multi-trips travel insurance, such as an annual policy.



Apr 09
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There are many types of insurance plans out there in the market.


Getting the right product is crucial to ensure that your loved ones are well covered when unexpected things happen. 



Jan 13
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There are many types of insurance plans out there in the market.


Getting the right product is crucial to ensure that your loved ones are well covered when unexpected things happen. 



Jan 01
travel insurance policies  

Never miss those that can take care of your needs.


And here you can find our picks...



Nov 14
getting your travel insurance  

Travel insurance today is cheap and even more accessible than ever. With your mobile, it’s easy to get your policy right before you leave on your trip.


But as you are there in the departure lounge, have you stopped to consider why you should pick up this plan and not another?



Sep 22
Zurich Term Insurance MY5  

Zurich is a global insurer whose strategy focuses on providing the right general and life insurance solutions for individuals and businesses. The company has a well-established presence in Malaysia, with dedicated Life Insurance solutions.



Aug 30
AF blog  




Aug 17
Term Insurance MY4  

In general, the younger the policyholder, the cheaper the premium on a term insurance policy will be.



Aug 10
MY3 Blog post  

Many of you would have heard of life insurance and how you can use it to provide financial security to your loved ones in the event of your death. Insurers have advertised this concept behind life insurance well. However, the variety of options available to you under the tree of life insurance may not be as well known.




Jul 11
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… it will have to be Term Insurance.




May 29
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We will conclude this topic with this question:

What is the purpose of your trip? 


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Apr 24
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Let’s go back to the questions that help you identify the most suitable travel insurance plan for you.



Apr 24
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Simple! Answer these 3 questions and find out the answer in no time.


These 3 key questions have helped 95% of our customers purchase the right travel insurance plan.