How do I recognize the right travel insurance plan for me? (I)

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Simple! Answer these 3 questions and find out the answer in no time.


These 3 key questions have helped 95% of our customers purchase the right travel insurance plan.






1. Where are you going – high-risk or low-risk countries?


To get quotes from our platform for the most popular travel insurance plans in the market, you will first have to select your travel destination.


Travel insurance premiums vary based on your destination and in general, higher premiums are required for a destination country that is considered less safe for travellers.


In our travel insurance comparison table, the price and key product features of the best plans are tabulated and you will be able to view at one glance the most important benefits of your travel insurance plans.


If you are traveling to a country that is considered high-risk due to political unrest or terrorism, you may wish to consider a travel insurance plan with terrorism cover. Terrorism cover would typically provide personal accident cover and also cover for medical expenses incurred in the event of terrorism.


For travel to low-risk countries, you may wish to consider the standard of living and the likely cost of medical expenses overseas. For example, in the event of any medical emergency, overseas hospitalisation for medical treatment in countries like Japan or the United States could lead to unexpectedly high medical bills.



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What the InsureDIY team says: Your life and health is the first priority. Always remember to consider the personal accident coverage and medical expense coverage (including emergency medical evacuation) when purchasing your travel insurance plan.


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