How do I recognize the right travel insurance plan for me? (III)

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We will conclude this topic with this question:

What is the purpose of your trip? 


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We tend to gravitate towards familiar travel insurance providers and pick options which we have heard of, or selected before. At InsureDIY, we believe that in order to choose the most suitable travel insurance plan, we will need to objectively evaluate the coverage of each trips.


This is the reason why it is necessary to sum up the factors you should consider in every situation, so that you can be sure of what you are actually paying for and get the best travel insurance plan suited for you.



Let’s get to our last question:


3. What is the purpose of your trip? (Seek adventure? Road trip?)


You should give a thought to the activities you will probably be involved in during your travel. Will you be hiking, diving or skiing?


If the answer is ‘yes’, you should choose a travel insurance plan with amateur sports cover that includes the activities. QBE and Chubb plans on our platform have cover for amateur sports.


However, you are advised to take note of the exclusions imposed by the respective insurers on the various activities, i.e. the cover may compensate only up to a certain level for hiking and diving, or a certain area for skiing.



Another essential coverage to consider on an adventurous trip is whether the insurance plan includes emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. AXA SmartTraveller, AIG Travel Assist and Chubb Travel Insurance are the best in this aspect as they offer unlimited cover for their insured regardless of the age group.


For those who are going on a free and easy road trip, you may want to focus on the travel inconvenience benefits, as well as rental vehicle excess cover and public transport double cover.



If you will be driving a rental car during your trip, you should get a travel insurance plan that includes rental vehicle excess cover. This will reimburses you for any excess which you are responsible for due to the loss of or accidental damage to the rental vehicle.


The excess is the amount of money you will need to pay before the remaining claim amount is covered by the motor insurer (the motor insurance on your rental vehicle is typically purchased when renting the vehicle). Hence, the higher the rental vehicle excess benefit is, the higher the amount that can be reimbursed to you to cover the excess and the better this cover is.


Do note that to be eligible for the claim, you will need to take up a comprehensive motor insurance during the rental period as part of the car rental agreement.



Wow! There are so much to consider, but fret not! Let us assist you from our carefully selected travel insurance plans. It has never been easier to see the difference with our comparison table. Let’s keep your worries at bay and keep your holiday mood going!