Which insurers offer Term Life Plan? (I) Zurich Insurance Malaysia

Zurich Term Insurance MY5  

Zurich is a global insurer whose strategy focuses on providing the right general and life insurance solutions for individuals and businesses. The company has a well-established presence in Malaysia, with dedicated Life Insurance solutions.




With the acquisition of MAA Takaful Berhad in 2016, Zurich Insurance Malaysia now offers a full range of insurance products, customizing to the needs of customers in Malaysia. You can find the TermLife plan offered by Zurich on InsureDIY platform. Look up: Why we recommend our clients to pick a Term Life Plan over Whole Life Plan. 



Plan Highlights: Conversion Priviledge 



One flexibility for those who choose Zurich TermLife plan is the conversion privilege one can enjoy before turning 60 years old. Under a term insurance policy, you are only covered for the term set out on purchase. However, there are times that you may wish to extend the coverage after your purchase.


For Zurich’s TermLife plan, you are guaranteed the right to do so up till 60 years old. Under this conversion privilege, you are exempted from another medical exam or answering health questions to prove your insurability for the extended coverage.



Plan Highlights: Additional Accident Cover? 



Zurich Insurance Malaysia also provides numerous protection benefits via the addition of riders. One of the highlights is their additional accident rider. This provides TermLife policyholders an additional RM200,000 cover upon accidental death, dismemberment and major burns with weekly income upon disablement or hospitalisation. The benefit is renewable up to age 65 with non-guaranteed premium rates.



Q & As - More about Term Insurance 



Q: Who can be insured for Zurich Termlife?

A: Those who are between the ages of 16 and 65 years old.



Q: What are the different coverage terms that I can choose from on InsureDIY?

A: 5/10/20 years, up to age 60 and up to age 80.



Q: What is the percentage to be paid out over terminal illness under Zurich TermLife?

A: 100% of Sum Assured payable upon occurence of TPD prior to age 70. 



Q: How much coverage should i get for a term plan?

A: Use our insurance calculator to help you find out the amount of coverage you should get, based on your own circumstances and preferences. 



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