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If you know that you just are one click away from picking the cheapest plan and a few dollars away from selecting the most comprehensive plan, will you decide differently? Here are 5 basic things you need to know before you purchase your next travel insurance online:




1. AIG – Doctor on Call 


“What could be worse than if you have no chance to seek a second opinion in a medical emergency overseas?”


Travel Assist – Premier offered by AIG Insurance is one of the most caring plans upon hospitalization needs overseas. The insurer completely understands the frustration the policyholders could encounter when it comes to decision on any medical operations or treatments overseas.


AIG thus established a doctors and medical professionals network to support policyholders via phone with medical advice and assistance during medical emergency. The AIG doctor can also keep in contact with the treating doctor if necessary. AIG’s travel insurance policy covers up to RM10,000,000 for medical expenses incurred overseas.




2. AXA - Best Credit Card Fraud Cover 


“It has never been easier to travel with one credit card for all. But what happens if you lose all for one?”


AXA’s SmartTraveller is the most economical option among all travel insurance policies on InsureDIY platform.


The premium can be as low as RM35 for a 5-day trip (e.g travelling to Australia). The low premium though doesn’t compromise its travel inconvenience benefits and the policy compensates up to RM5000 for fraudulent usage of your credit card upon thief or loss of your credit card during travel.


Besides pickpocketing, ransom payment as a result of kidnapping is also covered up to RM100,000 as a result of kidnapping and hostage outside Malaysia (excluding countries located in Africa, Central and South America or any country in which United Nation armed forces are present and active).




3. CHUBB - Best Overseas Medical Cover 


“There shouldn’t be any limits when we are on travel.”


Chubb travel insurance - Chubb First - has unlimited cover for overseas medical expenses due to personal accident, sickness and emergency medical evacuation.


Senior travellers are recommended to consider this plan as there is also no maximum age limit applied to policyholders in getting their international single trip plan; however, be noted that the amount of coverage for certain categories could vary for above age 65 years.


Bonus: Chubb First is as well very comprehensive in golf lifestyle coverage, from protection of golf equipment loss to unused golf green fee and hole-in-one golf benefits.




4. Zurich - Best Travel Delay Cover


“What happens when the flight delay lasts for days?”


Treat it as an extension of your holiday? Depends on the extra costs involved? It might still be okay if you are a solo traveller, but not so much if you are travelling with your family, elderly folks or with young children.


TravelPac – Gold Plan offered by Zurich Insurance Malaysia provides the best travel delay cover on our platform, by compensating up to RM6,000 for individual cover. In case your airline does not provide free meals and accommodation under their company policy for the delay, you can still rest easy knowing that the extra costs can be covered by your own travel insurance policy.




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