The 10 Best Places to Travel with Young Children in Taichung


It is exciting to plan family holidays, and there are many family-friendly places around the world that you can choose from. Taichung is one of the most family-friendly destinations that have a variety of touristic activities for both adults and children. Located two hours from Taipei, Taichung has a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. Here are the 10 best places to travel with young children in Taichung.







Taichung National Museum of Natural Science


The National Museum of Natural Science in Taichung is not your typical boring museums. With its various exhibits, this museum is a learning experience for parents and children. It has displays thatare worth exploring, including botany, geology, and anthropology. The museum has a Science Centre, Life Science and Human Culture Halls, and a Space IMAX Theatre. You will be able to visit the Tropical Rainforest Conservatory in a glass cone, which is home to 500 species of flora. You can also visit the conservatory’s tropical aquarium to marvel at its variety of fish.




Poai Village


Poai Village is in the Heping District, which is a mountainous area that has a hot spring park. Since there are not that many hot spring parks in Malaysia, you can take your children to visit the Guguan Hot Spring Park and experience the Meiji Hot Spring. At the hot springs, you are able to choose the temperature that you and your children are comfortable soaking in. Guguan is a great place to hang out while taking in the beautiful view of the mountains and valleys. If your kids are in for a little adventure, you can go on to visit fish spas, hiking trails, and experience the Hot Spring Culture Museum.





Rainbow Village


The Rainbow Village is a little mural village located just outside Taichung. Filled with interesting history and aesthetics, the Rainbow Village is a place that will enchant both parents and children. It is one of Taiwan’s veteran villages, which was built ages ago for Chinese soldiers using cheap materials. Painted by Mr. Huang, who is still very much around, this place features vibrant artworks that consist of animals, airplanes, manga characters and dolls. The Rainbow Village is quite a popular spot among tourists, who enjoy documenting their journeys on Instagram.





XingFeng Farm


The XingFeng Farm is a place for fruit lovers. At the XingFeng Farm located in Xinshe District, your kids will have fun picking a variety of fruits, such as tangerines, grapes, peaches, loquats and oranges. These fruits are not available throughout the year, so you need to pick the best time to come to XingFeng Farm. Grapes are available from June to August and also, October to December. For peaches picking season, anytime from April to May is perfect. If you would like to experience picking tangerines and oranges, you can plan your visit around November and December. Loquats are grown from February to April. Visiting the XingFeng Farm in Xinshe with your kids will be an unforgettable fruit-picking experience.





Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House


Bubble teas are famous all over the world these days. However, did you know Taichung is the place where bubble tea was invented? Your trip to Taichung will be meaningless if you don’t get to visit the Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House to have a taste of an authentic Taiwanese bubble tea. An authentic Taiwanese bubble tea is rich and delicious as it includes a nice milk tea fragrant with chewy pearls. The Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House also serves local Taiwanese dishes and snacks, What’s more is you can even make your own bubble tea with reference to the renowned recipes.





Taiwan Balloon Museum


Balloons form part of every childhood and in Taichung, you get to make balloons a reality by bringing your kids to the Taiwan Balloon Museum. As the first balloon-themed sightseeing factory, this museum features a lot of interesting and fun activities for kids. Children will get to learn about the history of the different types of balloons. There is an outdoor showcase, which consists of a rocket balloon booming through the sky that will definitely make the kids happy. Visits to the Taiwan Balloon Museum are via guided tours so that both the parents and children can have the best experience of where balloons come from.



Taichung: A Family-Friendly City


Taichung is less chaotic and hectic than Taipei, which makes it the perfect holiday spot to bring your family for a vacation. The things that you can do as a family are plenty. You can look forward to a trip where no one will get bored, even if you are bringing the grandparents along for this trip. To make sure your family trip to Taichung is momentous, remember to get your travel insurance in advance to stay safe and protected.



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