Gain extra holidays in Selangor from the long weekends in 2019

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Public holidays during weekdays or working days are fun. You get the day off to rest at home. Long weekends are even better, you get to plan your weekends away from home. In Malaysia for 2019, there are around 14 official national public holidays. Here is how you can take advantage of these extra holidays in Selangor to enjoy long weekends in 2019.




How to get extra holidays with long weekends?


The best ways to enjoy a long weekend are to take advantage of the holidays that are coming either before or after the weekend. You have the option of planning ahead as the year begins to decide when you would like to take the day off work, as in take leave.

For example, if a public holiday comes on a Thursday, you can take Friday off. In total, you get 4 days off from Thursday to Sunday.

Similarly, if a public holiday falls on a Monday, you have the option of either taking Friday or Tuesday off. So in all, you get to have the weekend plus two other days off.



Public Holidays in 2019



New Year's Day: 1 January (Tuesday)*


You can take Monday off to maximize and enjoy fully a long weekend. New Year is usually a hectic and happening time in many countries. You can use your time off to relax and chill at home before your heavy work schedule starts again.



Thaipusam: 21 January (Monday)


You have the choice of either taking Friday off or even Tuesday. That way, you get to go away from the city to somewhere nice and enjoy your time off. Thaipusam is a happening celebration that occurs on the streets in the capital city up to Batu Caves. It is best to avoid the streets on the day itself. To further make use of your holiday, you can choose to go on a short vacation to either Thailand or Vietnam before the public holiday.



Federal Territory Day: 1 February (Friday)


Since this holiday falls on a Friday, you can either take Thursday off or choose Monday to take leave from work. If you would like to go for a short weekend vacation, you can go somewhere nice in Malaysia itself, like Genting Highlands or Cameron Highlands to get away from the hot weather.



Chinese New Year: 5 – 6 February (Tuesday and Wednesday)


Some people like to stay at home with family for Chinese New Year while others like to take this opportunity to go for a short trip. Since it falls on a Tuesday and Wednesday, you can take Monday off work and in all, you get the weekend, Monday and two public holidays to enjoy some relaxing time before you head back to work on Thursday. If you can afford to take more than one leave, you can choose to pick Thursday and Friday as your leave days and you get to have the whole week off. You can either enjoy with family or make your dream vacation happen.



Labour Day: 1 May (Wednesday)


For Labour Day, you get two choices. You can either take leave on Monday and Tuesday or you can take leave after Labour Day, which are Thursday and Friday. Both choices will leave you with a week off, which makes for a perfect time to go away on a short trip.



Vesak Day: 19 – 20 May (Sunday and Monday)


Vesak Day falls on a Sunday, which automatically gives you Monday off. You already get to have the weekend and Monday off. If you want to take more time off work, you can take leave either on Friday or Tuesday.



Nuzul Quran: 22 May (Wednesday)


For this public holiday, since it falls on a Wednesday, you can choose to take either the following days off work or the days before. For example, you can take Monday and Tuesday off so that you can enjoy approximately the weekend and 3 days after to relax away from work. If not before, you can take Thursday and Friday off and subsequently get to enjoy 5 days off work, including the weekend.



Hari Raya Puasa: 5 – 6 June (Wednesday and Thursday)


Hari Raya Puasa is joyfully celebrated in Malaysia. As a result, you might find the roads leading to other places in Malaysia busy and jam-packed. You can choose to take Friday off to stay at home and enjoy some nice family time with your closed ones.Or you can opt for a short vacay somewhere overseas. This will help you stay away from the jams and commotions on the roads. If you can afford to have more days off work, you can opt for Monday and Tuesday as leave days and enjoy a full week away from the city.



Hari Raya Haji: 11 – 12 August (Sunday and Monday)


Hari Raya Haji holidays entitle you to two days of public holidays. If that is not enough, you can take either Friday off or Tuesday.



National Day and Awal Muharram: 31 August – 2 September (Saturday, Sunday, and Monday)


For these two occasions, you get to have three days of public holidays since one holiday falls on a Sunday, which automatically makes Monday a public holiday. If you have the budget for it, you can take a quick trip to other places in Malaysia and relive how life was before Merdeka happened.



Malaysia Day: 16 September (Monday)


Malaysia Day is a public holiday for everyone. You can choose to enjoy the long weekend off with some nice local food and scenery or you can also take Friday off and prove your patriotism by visiting interesting patriotic places in Malaysia.



Deepavali: 26 October (Saturday)*


For Deepavali, you have the choice of either taking Friday off or Monday. If you have abundant leave days at work, you can afford to take both Friday and Monday off and you can find yourself on a trip going somewhere nice for a short time away from the city.



Prophet Muhammad's Birthday - 9 November (Saturday)


For this public holiday, you can take Friday off or choose Monday as your leave day from work. You will be able to have enough days to relax before going back to work the following week.



Christmas Day: 25 December (Wednesday)


Christmas is the time to be jolly and this year, you get to have fun for Christmas by taking Monday and Tuesday off or Thursday and Friday off. If your place of work is generous enough, you can take the whole week off, from Monday to Sunday.



Places to go for a short vacation


To go on a short trip for these long weekends, you can choose to either go local or fly overseas. In Malaysia, many interesting places exist that you probably have never visited before. These long weekends can prove to be a nice time to visit Malaysia. Or if you are looking forward to get away from it all and travel overseas, you can go to nearby countries, such as Vietnam, Thailand, India, Japan or Korea. Just remember to sign up for travel insurance before leaving to enjoy your long weekends.